Create-A-Waifu v 3.0! oh shi-

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The usual. Your waifu will have TWO key aspects. This is determined by the last two numbers of your post, as well as the following:

0 = batshit insane
1 = your oneesan
2 = tsundere
3 = pregnant
4 = Mankoto
5 = your pillow
6 = shits on dead cats
7 = would report you for "sexual harassment/wife beating" if you don't buy that thing she's bitching about
8 = is into yaoi and would rather fap to traps than have sex with you
9 = believes anime is japanese cartoon and that weaboo is a disease

As you can see, I did not add "loli" this time. To determine the age of your waifu, multiply the last two digits of your post THEN add the third last number.
>9 x 0 = 0 PLUS 5 = five years old

I'm too lazy to make doubles/triples/quadruples tonight. If you get more than one of the same trait, just think of it as a SUPER version of that trait.