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Shinobu lies with her head in the crook of my arm, breathing softly in her sleep. Not twenty minutes before, her deep, tear-filled eyes gleamed up at me as she smiled, seemingly comfortable even with the soft ache from between her legs at her lost virginity. Watching her sleep so peacefully now, I sigh. Still so young, a mere few weeks from turning thirteen. She had done something most frightening for a girl of her age, and succeeded wonderfully. Still she appeared innocent, and I could be all but assured that the next day she would remain inside the same little girl that had so innocently taken a liking to me. It would indeed be a shame for her to grow older and lose the innocence she will fleetingly keep despite tonight's passions. It would indeed be a shame.

I know, with that, that I must act, and quickly. I gently lift her shoulder and roll her onto her back, her swelling breast rising and falling with her every breath. I smile at her fondly, a bittersweet moment before I do what I must. The moment passed, I take my pillow and tenderly lower it over her face. For another moment, all is still. I press softly as she stirs, and with her first cry I bear down, muffling her fear and anguish. She kicks, to no effect, and the nails of her fingers only scratch the surface. Before long, the youthful energy that she had so demonstrated fades, and all becomes still. I lift the pillow and look at her, so calm. I kiss her forehead, the heat of her body already fading. I look down at her, aware for the first time of the hot tears on my cheeks. My dear Shinobu, do you understand what I have done for you? What I have done for you out of my love? Now you will never age, never lose your youthful radiance and innocence. I lie down and rest my head on the cool, taut skin of her belly. Now, Shinobu, we can both sleep well.