Alternate Ending

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It took me all night, but I finished my drawing. I took from a few sources here and there, I even tracked down her DeviantArt page to see what else she liked, and in the end I settled on a small but packed composition of Bleach and Naruto characters, all smiling and celebrating with me in the middle. It was kind of like a birthday card. I don't know, I'm not great with gifts or apologies but I thought this would cheer her up.

The plan was to meet up with her the next day, give the drawing to her, and apologize. "I'm sorry," maybe, "I didn't mean to laugh. I just didn't expect you to draw something like that," even though... I really was thinking it. Either way, whatever, I'll just think of something nice and maybe we can be friends again.

I went over to the arts building looking for her. No luck. I didn't think anything of it, I didn't know her schedule very well anyway. I rushed by our usual spots. Where we walked, where we talked, where we ate. Honestly I didn't have a lot to go on. The only places I thought she might be were all the places she took me. Still, though, she was nowhere to be found. I figured, maybe my timing is just off. Finally I decided on my off day to stay by the entrance to the arts building. I had reading to do, I wouldn't be wasting any time, so no big deal. I knew I'd catch her sooner or later.

She never came.