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Lucky ☆ Star has to be one of the cutest shoujo's i've seen in a while. Sure, it's your basic slice of life anime, with no special twist whatsoever, but it's good if you just want to sit back and have a laugh.

The story was cute. It's about a group of high school girls going through their usual high school lives together, learning experiences and having fun while they're at it.It was humerous and captured lives small but true moments. It was easy to follow along to and was fun to watch. I was never bored a moment I watched this anime.

The art had a light atmosphere and caught the happyness and calm flow that the anime had. The hair color was un-realistic, which usually bothers me, but this anime managed to be fine with it. The different styles added in it was humerous and impressive at times, showing that even though the art was laid-back, they were capable of more