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Okay, many an anime has come my way and I've said so so and ooh thats cool and hey that was pretty awesome. But no other anime has done to me what Higurashi has done. From thrilling me with a who donnit, to a what the fuck, to a "KAWAII!!!!!", to again WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!! This show has thrown me against the wall and fucked my mind over several times but allways made me come running back for more.

This show has absolutely the best possible mind fuck I've ever seen pulled in the first season and then best plot development into the second season where everything is explained.

Along from being a very violent and guro'esque anime, it also shows great morals and the value of true friendship and trust. Along with romance, comes comedy. Tragedy spawns strong wills that were once broken. All in all you can't say this anime won't have you on the edge of your seat. Just when you expect something you predicted to happen this show pulls the seat right out from under you with a plot twist.

I've tried my best to really not spoil this for anyone who might be curious to watch this anime. Don't be fooled into thinking this show is ALL about blood and torture, it has plenty of that but it also has resolution, character building and not to mention some of the cutest lolis colorful assortment of cast anime has ever seen NIPAH!!!! AROO AROO!!!!

This sounds like a bunch of rambling but to describe this anime in less than a two page essay would be way too hard but I'll try.

Believe me when I say this is an anime you SHOULD NOT miss. Buckle down and get ready for the ride of your life. 10/10

Rika-chan for the win!!! NIPAHHH!