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So a while ago (months, I'm talking), I bought a patch to put over the shitty little "AE" logo or whatever the fuck it is on my track jacket (lol trendy). American Apparel? I don't fucking know. A lion or something.

Anyway, I find a cool skull patch at a little local store, and I'm like "dibs on that, it's nice." It's on fire and blue and I like both blue things and fire, so this shit's right up my alley. Cool patch, I buy it. Shopkeep's like "Yeah, I dig the design, too." Cool, already somebody else thinks this'll look good.

So anyway, I sew it onto my coat because ironing patches onto nylon = melted jacket, and it covers the old insignia nicely. I like it a lot; the coat is now my new favorite coat.

Then, one day while walking to class at my college, the trouble started.