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So. Hello /a/.
I've seen how poorly "I am new to 4chonz but i liek animoo so tell me sum good animoos nao thx ^ ^" threads have gone, so I can only hope this doesn't get saged to Hell [though this isn't QUIET like the example].
No, I am not new to 4chan, [or ANY chan], and no, I'm not a /b/tard. I'm just a normal guy who found 4chan and happened to like anime.
I've come here for the same reason practically everyone who wanders to /a/ for, except I don't know too much anime. I don't watch Adult Swim all night, sit around drooling with a :3 face to Lucky Star, and I don't make a habit of religiously proclaiming Eva is "The Best!" , but do know a few anime. I know all the ones everyone knows [Haibane Renmei, .hack, Eva, Haruhi, Code Geass... etc] but other than that I don't know many, so I've wandered over here to ask for some series that any of you have particularly liked/loved, but you don't really have to. This'll probably go straight to page 10 anyways, or get Saged there.
in b4 Eva.