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Anyone else think Wakamoto doesn't buy his own bullshit? He talks about social darwinism and the survival of the fittest, but he still cares for and allows his blind, crippled daughter to rule Area 11.

I think Wakamoto is a lot like the American neo-conservatives -- he realizes that the public needs certain falsehoods such as nationalism and religion to cling to. But in reality he's just trying to bring order to a human society he views as thrown into chaos by the Gods.

My theory on Geass is that C.C. is using Lelouch to get what she wants, just as she used Mao. Perhaps at some point she fell in love with him, but I doubt it. I think it's entirely possible that the ZOMGWTFBBQ at the end of the series will be that Wakamoto was the good guy all along (i.e. he was doing it for purpose of "make better world where people don't have to fight anymore" and to bring back dead waifu). Like his son, he realized that the fighting would end when "someone wins". Of course, he wants that someone to be himself.

I'm guessing Schneiser had her killed. In the final episode, he will probably die. Rollo will die. Suzaku will probably take over Area 11. Lelouch will either die or disappear from the world. VV, CC, Emperor will all die. Kallen will probably also die. Of course, that psychotic little bitch from the Academy in S1 will also die. Orange is around as comic relief, and will probably also die.

This isn't Gundam Seed, folks. You aren't going to get a fluffy ending. If you haven't noticed it by now, there are incredibly dark elements in this story. It's basically the rejection of Arthurian folklore and turning the entire premise of a morally virtuous Western society on its head.

The Holy Britannian Empire will be completely and utterly destroyed.