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Let's see if you can help me out /a/. I remember watching a series a long time ago about two dudes and a chick who had mechs. One had some sort of gun that would shoot a coin, and then the coin would trace out a pentagram or other such shape and summon his mech. This one was red, I think. Then there was the other dude, he was clad in green and I think he shot an arrow to summon his mech. The last one was the chick, and she needed a body of water or something to summon her mech. They each got their mid-season upgrades, and in the final episode summoned some gold mech to finish off the final boss.

Does anyone know what anime that was?

in b4 Boku no Pico, Pico to Chico, Bible Black, Battle Toads, or any combination of the four.