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Miria and Isaac giving you a double blowjob*

Miria-It looks like he's about to blow!
Isaac-Miria your right! He's really going to let us have it!
Miria-Have what?
Isaac-...You know...I don't know..
Miria and Issac-LET'S FIND OUT!
*both continue to suck hard, Issac sucks on balls while Miria sucks your cock*
Issac-Mmummoln mamo?
Issac-murmu ma mo?
*Isaac takes dick out of his mouth*
Isaac-Miria come up quick, he's ready!
*Miria and Issac both open their mouthes and say Ahhhhhhhhh*
*You release a huge fat load in both their mouths*
Issac-Well this is a surprise.
Miria-what's that?
Issac-I thought his cum would be sweet not salty!
Miria-I sorta like it though
Isaac-you're right Miria, I can't stop savoring it!