Code Geass Translations

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Alright a few anon have been working to obtain all of these, We have managed to find most of them but still have a few to go as the original translator decided to remove them off her site due to licensing so lets band together to finally complete this. So lets band together and finally complete the search for these below you can find what we have found.

You can find all the translations for the Code Geass drama CDs + their respective MP3s,Sayoko diary entries,Ashford Novels + the pages, and the History Lessons here.


Except for -
Sayoko's Diary Entry #8 - The Maid Sees All!
Stage 5.831- Orange Peel
Stage 0.916 - Black King
Stage 21.534 -The Final Invitation
History Lesson 2,4 ,6,7,8 and 9 are just summaries we still need the actual transcripts for them.

Here you can find all of the subbed Picture Book Dramas.