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Anime is the best form of entertainment on television. Movies come second to entertainment on tv, then probably sports. Overall, american broadcasting suck. They show too many piece of shyt shows with retarded actors or stories that were written by 2nd rate idiotic morons(reality tv shows). In addition, American broadcasted shows are not as potent and rememberable as an anime is. Anime is too good to miss. People who talk crap about it is because of the language difference(or other differences that i cannot or feel like naming). They do not actually know what they are missing, which is pretty sad for them(like I really give a shyt). Animes are not simple cartoons like the most famous American cartoons: family guy and south park, which are full of American biased views and or of stereotypes about everyone in the world, which in fact makes them unqiue and enjoyable, but nontheless not as good as anime.

Anime is the best form of television entertainment ever created.