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Hypothetical scenario tiem, /a/:

You have become a rising star in the anime industry, against all odds. Your first major series has become an overnight success in Japan, and will soon be brought to different countries in dub forms. You are extremely wealthy as a result of all of this.

However, one night as you're browsing YouTube, you decide to see how many people have uploaded videos related to the series. To your horror, you can find almost nothing but Linkin Park AMVs of it; in fact, it's rated #1 in series with the most Linkin Park AMVs. Before you can even absorb the full impact of that blow, your agents call you up and inform you that your dub has been licensed to Adult Swim, and Johnny Yong Bosch will be voicing your personal favorite character. As a result of AS handling the dub, almost all merchandise will be sold at Hot Topic, and its fanbase will gain +150 Stupidity points, with +10 added per day.

What is your first reaction?

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