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Just before the thread got deleted, the Naruto PnP I was making was mentioned. To sum things up, it started out because I thought someone said there was a Naruto PnP. Turns out there was, but that's not what he meant. I then set out to create a Naruto PnP that would better translate the show's style fights into a PnP, and it grew like most of /tg/'s projects, into a GRIMDARK version, taking place 30 years after the show, with the protagonists being older and wiser, and the show itself being a lie that parents tell their children. A main focus of the game's fluff would be the "real story" of Naruto, and me disregarding some canon and expanding on others. A large part of it centered on the fact that the players were 12 year old assassins, and the toll such a thing would take on a young mind.

I stopped making it because the fa/tg/uys kept saging my thread, despite a surprisingly high interest. Since I'm exiled here to the land of /a/, would you people perhaps care to help with the previously abandoned project?

Also, I've still been working on the next thing I jumped onto: