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Akagi is the ultimate badass. You give him anything and he will outsmart it into submission. You give him a bunch of teenage muggers with guns. He will convince each of them to shot him in the arm and then he'll tell them he'll gladly shot himself in the foot just to show them what it's like. Like a total badass he does so and then he'll just shoot each of them while they're too confused to figure out what the hell's going on.

Akagi fights a giant robot? He'll tell the pilot that he is a coward for fighting him inside the monstrosity and the idiot will naturally come out to face him mono on mono only to have Akagi run past him and get inside the robot HIMSELF.

Akagi fights Leouch? Moment he comes up from behind him Akagi will have already seen him coming, know what his plan is and have a decent way of countering it. The moment Leouch tries to geass him Akagi will have already convinced the King of Brittiana to surrender his crown and have C.C. give him his own Geass.

Yes anon's I dare say nothing can beat Akagi.

Except Alzheimer's.