I didn't like ZSZS and I'm not a troll

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I watched SZS and ended up really enjoying it. Therefore, I had pretty high hopes for the second series. However, after watching it, I feel kind of let down.

Firstly the style and structure of the episodes was too messy. Yes I know it was supposed to be "extreme", but it felt like it wasted time. The 2 part episodes of SZS were usually well planned and didn't revolve around one joke, as I felt some of the ones in ZSZS did. Also, sometimes they just spent too long on a story that wasn't really funny, or that had been stretched too far.

Also, certain characters seemed to be minimised in ZSZS when in SZS, screentime was a bit more balanced. I was happy Kiri got some development, but things were a lot more focused on Chiri and Kafuka, and while they are good characters, it felt a bit much. Matoi and Rin on the other hand had almost no noteworthy screentime, when Matoi was one of the more likable characters (in my opinion), and one wonders why Rin was even brought into the school if she wasn't going to do anything.

They also seemed to parady other anime for a little too long in some episodes, and the last episode was pretty boring and seemed unplanned. Lastly, the OP was pretty average compared to the awesome first one (bure).

All that said, it certainly wasn't a terrible anime series, and I enjoyed parts of it, but it just felt...normal compared to SZS.

Probably inb4 sage, 0/10 etc since its still daytime