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Something becomes quite apparent when watching Gurren-Lagann: logic is for sissies and everything can be solved with a good, solid, dynamic punch. Gurren-Lagann is a much-needed new direction for Gainax, and a wonderful throw-back to days long forgotten and sorely missed.

Directed by Dead Leaves creator, Imaishi Hiroyuki, and written by Nakashima Kazuki, the series captures the manic energy of FLCL and the epic nature of Gunbuster, reminding us of the inherent love for anime the Gainax founders had. By combining elements from old-school epics (the titular mech looks like Gaikingand Zambot 3's love-child, there's a Macross-esque ship, etc.) Gurren-Lagann treads familiar ground, but it understands the genre it inhabits and uses these cliches for a greater good. The ever-escalating battles, little-to-no filler episodes, operatic themes, and the simplistic message of "believing in yourself and others" all provide an entertaining drama. Also, the fact that this story is told within 27 episodes (most mech-operas stretch past 50+ episodes) is something to note as well.