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Yo /a/ your the perfect people to ask for suggestions on how to troll a con.

The ideas I have thus far.

1. Get every anime wrong. Use wrong ideas, wrong characters, wrong plots, wrong names, the whole 9 yards. "I loved that Ichago guy in that nareto series fighting pirates to become one piece."

2. Make gay accusations about every main male character.

3. Always bring up Girlfriend no matter what.

4. Bring up American shows as much as possible. "Oh that’s just like Avatar!" "Ever heard of Kappa Mikey?"

5. Snicker at everyone in costume and make sure you are loud enough to be heard, even if it’s actually a good costume make, make them think it’s worse than a white bed sheet with eye holes cut out.

6. Ask why men in anime always look like fags, and proclaim that Conan the Barbarian could beat even the most Mary Sue of anime characters just by manliness alone. Alucard? Not even that fag can stand up to the throbbing manliness that is Conan. Or substitute Conan for your favorite manly character, such as Action Hank, or Lobo.

7. Say Japanimation instead of Anime.
Any other ideas you want to add on /a/