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You know how sometimes while watching anime or reading manga you're so wrapped up in the medium, so entranced by the world the mangaka created,you let your guard down and your inner child makes a quiet wish that you were in that anime world, or a more realistic wish of hoping you'd fall in a similar real-life situation?

Yes? No? Well, for some reason I've started reading Negima and I'm marathoning through chapters when for some strange reason I wished I was a teacher at an all girls school.

But then I realized, I WAS a teacher at an Women's college (well, assistant for a summer). Two years ago after my 3rd year of college the program I was in had me help the freshman from the the all girls college down the street get "acclimated to scientific research". I was to be the assistant to a hot grad student for the summer. SCORE, right?

Wrong. I tried everything to get in bed with those freshmen, the horniest women in the world. I had a black friend give me some tips and tried getting them drunk. I tried acting "tsundere" in class like a pimp would. I tried everything.

But the were more interested in the female instructor.

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