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So /a/, quick summary from the Unlocking Gurren-Lagann Panel yesterday, with Yamaga(producer), Manabe(marketing producer), Ootsuka(assistant director) and Yoshinari(mechanic designer):

-The movies will surprise us but they can't say nothing or Imaishi will get angry.
-Movie is divided in two episodes, "Gurren Chapter" and "Lagann Chapter".
-Simon's "I'm nobody..." line is supposed to reflect the theme of the show, it represents growing old and being forgotten by the youth.
-Ootsuka favorite character was Nia, Yamaga's was Yoko, Manabe's was Lord Genome, Yoshinari's was Rossiu.
-Yoshinari designed the machines inspired by Russian dolls.
-They're planning on doing a new story based on Gurren-Lagann, but they can't say anything about it yet.
-“So we wanted to show human aging in Gurren Lagann. When you are young, you tend to say things like ‘Who do you think I am?’ but when you get older, you find it who you are no longer matters.”
-"Expect a big update to the Gurren-Lagann movie site mid-June, you will understand what Imaishi wants to do then."