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Despite having spent an immense amount of time silly chatter because it reminded me of hanging out with my friends, but for some people, that's just not fun. In a watching the millions of Lucky Star fan variations online, I was still pretty stoked to be able to watch it again when I popped in the first disc. It's really the cutest thing ever, even if it's incredibly annoying. But really, that's kind of what the series is like—cute and annoying. Personally, I really enjoyed it.

The series is basically an endless stream of dialogue spoken by chipper high school students who look like little girls. They prattle endlessly about everything their minds wander onto, ranging from serious subjects like the best way to eat a strawberry shortcake, to lighter topics, like pulling all-nighters for exams. If there's a storyline, I completely missed it, but I had plenty of fun just watching them babble. All the girls are a lot of fun, and they get along so well that it's impossible to dislike any of them. Being the nerd that I am, my personal favorite was Konata, an otaku whose life revolves around anime, manga, and video games. She's constantly commenting about moe games or gaming, and if you pay attention, you'll be able to catch plenty of anime references.

Lucky Star may just seem like another cute-girls-with-loud-personalities love fest, but it does a lot to poke fun at a lot of genres. This kind of self-mockery isn't always funny, but it works for this series, thanks in part to Konata. There's also a segment at the end of each episode called Lucky Channel, which features a disgruntled idol and her manager. It's pretty cynical, and does a lot to make fun of the idol industry and how they're treated.

Delightfully, the series doesn't even have an ending theme, and for the episodes on this disc, viewers get treated to shots of the girls singing random anime and TV themes at a karaoke bar. This show is seriously nerdy.