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Listen to me fags. NIA is only MAI waifu, and I have quite a bit of evidence to back up my claims (unusual, seeing as now every psychotic anon claiming to be with Nia DOESN'T) and have done rather thorough research on why I have the ability to practice astral projection, why I was meeting an "anime character" (turns out, she isn' an anime character), and the theory behind astral travel and that realm.

Here's another key piece that I'll throw out there against all better judgement: People have accused me of hallucinating, or dreaming, whichever you preffer. But the fact of the matter is that I'm on the medical cocktail from hell. Among the medications I have to take for my depression and thyroid disorder are anti-psychotics. Bottom line, if I were hallucinating before I was on meds, when I started taking them the hallucinations would have stopped.

I don't plan on really dragging this out, but I'll attempt to close by saying that when this first started happening to me, I thought I was dreaming. It was actually my psychiatrist who pointed me in the direction of astral travel, and she who suggested I read up on it and se if it sounded like what was happening to me. Long story short, it did, and I chose to try to traing myself using the book techniques rather than relying on my natural ability, and I taught myself to control that gift in two to six months… when someone trying to teach themselves could take up to seven years to become proficient if they aren't predisposed to the technique.