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I fucking love Chaotic. It's anime at its best-innovative and distinctive animation style, three dimensional and human characters who you can easily relate to and a groundbreaking plot. While most animes are trapped in a world of mecha and schoolgirls and ninjas Chaotic weaves a complex web of Matrix like proportions, drawing upon Descartes' philosophies to create both a scintillating base plot dealing with character's daily lives and interpersonal relationships as well as the highlight of the series-their adventures in the fictional realm of Chaotic where the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred. Never before has the concept of a card game been interlinked with a series, this bold and daring idea draws in the viewer and forces them to question reality. Is Chaotic a real land or is it a purely mental creation? Furthermore the brilliant and wholly original marketing of the series, with a tie-in card game allows Chaotic to reach a broader audience and provides fans with the opportunity to connect to the series in an interactive environment and create their own stories.

I'll see YOU in Chaotic.