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I'm looking for recommendations for manga (mainly) and animes (possibly). I currently have read or seen the following, in no particular order:

. Claymore (manga & anime): not that original but good anyway.
. Ghost in the Shell (movies and anime): first anime movie I saw. I like the world they live in.
. Ergo Proxy (anime): awesome story, inconsistent art
. Gunnm & Last Order (manga): my first one. Still one of my favs
. Love Hina (manga): ok once in a while, but wouldn't buy it (too shonen)
. Evangelion (anime and manga): sometimes too shonen but otherwise fine
. Duds Hunt (manga - one shot): violent but nice story
. Reset (manga, same author as Duds Hunt): okay, I didn't read that one yet. But it's on my shelf.
. Cat Shit One (manga): well drawn, funny, well documented
. Abara (manga): sometimes not explicit enough but awesome art
. Gundam Seed (anime): liked it, but Kira is a fucking whiner.
. Dragon Ball (anime, part of the manga): I probably only like it because I wasn't allowed to watch it as a child
. Blood - the Last vampire: bit too short but nice
. Gon (manga): awesome art, funny stories
. Planets (manga): weird art, really nice story
. Others I might have forgotten but this post is getting to long...