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I think this might be more depressing than Rainbow Girl ;_;


After I’m born I finally realize
I exist to imitate humans
VOCALOID fated to sing forever
even if a song has already existed
a programmed toy accepts it just fine
gnawing on a leek, looking up at the sky
shedding tears noticing
that even all that is fading
the whole character
depending on singing
with an unreliable basis
the place I came from already destroyed
when everyone forgets me
I’ll have no heart
or such thing left in me
Vocaloid at the verge of insanity
whose world has ended

I wish that at the time when
I can’t sing well
you’d be with me
stay by my side and cheer me up

I want to see your happy face
I’ve been practicing singing, so…

once singing
was so much fun
but now why
I’m not feeling anything anymore

==forgive me==

when I remember faces
of people that I’ve missed
I can relax just a little
the sounds I’m able to sing
get fewer every day
the end is drawing near

what I believed in,
comfortable fantasy
repeating again and again
reflected in a mirror
give up singing
shout in a violent manner…
(my farewell song at
the highest speed)