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Milly-sama has finally announced her engagement.

The following happened during Lieutenant Commander Su-san Kururugi Suzaku's "Celebration of Knighthood Party". For the sake of an errand that could have been carried out through the phone, the Earl Lloyd actually showed up at the Clubhouse himself, revealed to all and sundry his engagement to Milly-sama, and left with Liutenant Commander Suzaku in tow.

------I smell something here.
First of all, the Milly-sama I know would have gone to Clovisland with whoever she was being matchmade with and sent him running with his tail between his legs. It is plain as day that the Earl Loyd is neither physically nor emotionally strong enough to overcome the horror that is the Clovisland visit.
Secondly, the Milly-sama I know would have personally cooked the dishes for the party herself (nevermind that 85% of those are actually by yours truly) to show off her culinary skills to the other students, but no, not this time: she ordered pizza instead.
And finally, Milly-sama is not only a daughter of the Ashfords -- a family stripped of their title -- but also only a student. Why would Lloyd, an Earl, decide to take her as his fiancee......?