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“What were you thinking, Lelouch? Just because I was scared, you could get me to shoot you?” asked Euphie, looking at Lelouch confused at what he had been trying to do. She knew him, she knew how well he thinks things out but even she couldn’t see the logic behind how he thought this would pan out.

“Well, if I used my absolute order, you would have definitely done anything I said,” replied Lelouch, deciding to joke around. “Give me a kiss, dance naked on stage. No matter what the order may be, you would have to—“

“Seriously, enough with your jokes” yelled Euphie, a slight blush on her face. Her thought being, ‘Boy, Lelouch has gotten perverted lately…’

“No really, if I were to say, ‘Make Love to me’ you would have to do it” stated Lelouch like a matter of fact offhandedly. And without time for him to replenish his breath after saying that life changing sentence, Euphie had already jumped into his arms and crashed her lips to his causing him to fall backwards onto the control dashboard, not noticing the light which had turned on.

Frozen still, completely surprised by what was happening, he didn’t actually start acting until he felt tongue to which he quickly pulled his face from hers and practically screamed, “Euphie, what are you doing!?”

His breath hitched however as he came to see the look in her eyes, completely filled with lust and her irises surrounded by a familiar reddish glow.

“Why silly, I’m making love to you. Now let’s get you out of this stuffy jacket” explained Euphie as her hands worked quickly to try to remove his clothing.