would you go to the anime world?

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I'd definitely goto the GL and join the Human Extermination Army. Maybe some of my friends and families will miss me (I'll probably left only a letter or a videotape with Viral to prove that I'm not insane), but I want a new adventure. I can't join a military here, so why not join an army specially to be friends with Viral? Joining an army will certainly gain me some skills.
I want a new adventure and experience what it's like to live on other world with new cultures. Maybe I can have new friends like Thymilph the Crasher, Adiane the Elegant, Cytomander the Swift, Guame the Steady, and others. Maybe even a furry boyfriend? (Kamina already had Viral)

Who knows? Maybe ten years later I'll return to as an ambassador between the Beastmen's Capital and Earth?

And who knows? Maybe there is a technology in the Capital or Lord Genome has some technology that could turn me into a furry?