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I think I have a short attention span! help! my best friend is really in to anime and he gives me a lot of shows to watch but if they are not exciting in the first one or two episodes I can't watch any more and some of these are just boring!! Shows I am talking about like Raxhepon, Noir, Ghost in the Shell etc. He tells me they are really good and get better later on but they don't seem good to me they are boring! What do I do?

Well, if you don't have the attention span for it, then you don't have the attention span for it. Not everyone is entertained in the same way; if you need it to engage you right off the bat, then some of those shows (although I'd argue the first few episodes of Ghost in the Shell are pretty action-packed so it's hard to see where you're coming from on that one) aren't going to be for you. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Your friend should probably recognize what your taste is and stick to things he thinks you might like based on what you've shown a preference for rather than just continually giving you shows that are notoriously slow in the beginning (Noir I think takes what, 10 episodes to get going?).

Recommending shows to people who are new anime fans or casual anime fans can be a tricky thing. It's unreasonable to expect someone who's relatively new to the hobby to sit through 3 hours' worth of content they find boring or uninteresting in order to get to whatever "good part" you're referring to. Veteran fans generally have a bit more patience and a bit more tolerance for how slow some anime series can be (although that patience burns out over time, and I count myself as a living example - if it's not good within the first 2 episodes, I'm out) but most new fans, especially younger fans, are likely going to want to be engaged right away. Nothing wrong with that, but it's probably not a good idea to hand them Legend of the Galactic Heroes as a starter.