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Pro-tip: Emperor isn't a morally grey character. He isn't even sort of a morally grey character. He is supposed to be 110% evil.

Britannia isn't supposed to be a moral grey. They aren't a country, they are an Empire that wants to control the world, conquers countries for purpose of subjugation/forced labor, and commits genocide when convenient. Britannia is the moral equivalent, literally, of Nazi Germany. Both are also based on transparent Social Darwinism and the fuhrer principle.

And on top of that he wants to kill the Gods so he can become immortal. But I guess genocide, imperialism, subjugation, racism, and murder are OK if you are the Emperor, right?

Pro-tip #2: Emperor will die in the final episode of Code Geass. Suzaku will probably live and see the error of his ways. Lelouch will probably live and see the error of his ways. Kallen, C.C., Ougi, Schneiser, Ougi's bitch, Orange, and Rolo will probably all die.

ITT: Pathetic trolls will attempt to disagree with me and argue that Wakamoto is DEEP and not evil.