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What is your weeaboo quotient?

You get one weeaboo point for each true statement
1. You watch anime regularly
2. You have an anime bookshelf
3. You have >5gb of anime on your computer or burned onto DVDs
4. You have watched all of some anime series with major fanservice
5. You have gone to an anime convention of your own volition
6. You are part of an anime club
7. You have watched over 9000 episodes of some long-running anime series (not literally 9000, since that is impossible, so more like 100)
8. You own at least two anime figurines (or one if displayed prominently, such as on a bookshelf)
9. You read anime magazines
10. You like J-Pop or other weird Japanese cultural stuff
11. You eat Pocky regularly
12. Your internet name comes from an anime
13. You learned Japanese for the purpose of watching anime
14. You know the distinction between anime, manga, and doujinshii, and also how to read a manga
15. You sometimes use Japanese words that have a perfectly good English alternative and aren't completely integrated into the English language (ex. neko, kawaii, etc.)
16. You have a wall scroll on your wall
17. You have cosplayed
18. You have cosplayed as the opposite gender
19. You draw manga (or anime fanart)
20. You write or regularly read anime fanfiction

Also, if replacing anime with manga makes one of them become true, you still get the weeaboo point. Arguing about this gets you an extra point.

The more points you have, the more of a weeaboo you are.

I expect /a/ to score much higher on average than /b/ did.