Anime watching schedule:

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7:59pm - open up Air TV volume 1 and stick disc in
8:00pm - watch episode 1 of Air TV
8:25pm - go to bathroom, grab snacks
8:30pm - start episode 2
8:55pm - go to bathroom, grab more snacks
9:00pm - watch episode 3
9:25pm - browse the internet for a couple of minutes
9:30pm - watch episode 4
9:55pm - take disc out and put it back in case, open up volume 2 and put in disc. go grab snacks, but no time for bathroom.
10:00pm - watch episode 5
10:25pm - go to bathroom, browse internet for a minute
10:30pm - watch episode 6
10:55pm - go feed my dog, wash hands afterwards
11:00pm - watch episode 7
11:25pm - get a drink of water and a late night snack
11:30pm - watch episode 8
11:55pm - take out dvd and put it back in case
11:59pm - browse for volumes 3 and 4, purchase them with a discount coupon.
12:04am - watch the latest episode of Clannad
12:29am - go to bathroom, brush teeth, wash face, wash hands one last time
12:37am - watch first episode of Green Green to see if worth watching
1:02am - turn off lights, fold out sheets and fluff up pillow
1:03am - go to bed