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Alright, /a/, I have a problem.

I like Anime, I really do. Even though I hate it. And I'd like to watch it more, but I can never seem to actually watch it besides what gets played on American airwaves.

How is it that you do it? Waiting for fifty or so subs every week, and downloading gigs and gigs of anime and manga? I don't want a site or anything, I just want to know how to get into it, how to delve into it. I can never seem to get around to downloading things, and when I do, I only do it for a week or so. I loved RomeoxJuliet like crazy, but I just stopped watching it after the seventh episode because I didn't feel like downloading it anymore... In fact, it's not the only show like that that I loved but just stopped watching... I haven't even finished Haruhi of all things. I kept up with Naruto on Youtube for all of three weeks...

tl;dr: ITT: Help me raise my powerlevel.