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The Utena movie is a masterpiece. A masterpiece of such a level that one should bow and attend unto it with delight and admiration. For there was nothing like it before, and never will be anymore.
It’s a masterpiece on all levels. An example of an absolute masterpiece, equally strong in its ideas and execution.
Every detail, every frame is full of meanings. Not a single redundant, unneeded moment. Everything – the sound, the music, even a scarce joke – serves the genius of the creators.
The concept, the deep, powerful concept, elaborated to the slightest of details, is expressed in the astounding aesthetic. Every gesture is symbolic. Every movement is magnificent. Every scene makes one tremble – first at the beauty and grace, then at the immense style and power of the idea of the scene.
The conscience soars from a near-Zen meditation to the simplest, yet captivating gust of passion.
Everything that takes place is so solid, so subject to the general Idea, that it doesn’t occur to the one watching to think about how it was done. Symbolism that gains flesh and blood, realism that reaches for the perfection of the abstract.