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A live-action movie based on anime is very rarely good, but I have little doubt that the Akira movie will surely blow, especially because of it's apparent "Americanization." It depresses this anon.

A frequent dream I have is that, maybe, just maybe, Katsuhiro Ōtomo would remake Akira into a 30-ish episode anime series, using the same groundbreaking story from the manga, hiring the same seiyū from the 1988 film, hell, even compose a new soundtrack by Geinoh Yamashirogumi. It would be one of the greatest epics ever seen in anime history. This, Ōtomo's masterpiece, would be harkened as the pinnacle of Japanese animation, and would raise the industry's standard for years to come.

Highly unlikely though it may be, if it would happen, all of our lives would all be complete.