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Ho, /a/. I don't know if this is the right place to tell that story, but I just have to tell it. Also, not copypasta.
See, I have this friend, let's name him Andrew. He used to be just like us - an anime fan, a geek, loved videogames etc.
His parents did not approve of his hobbies so... they took him to a shrink. After two years of therapy Andrew was effectively brainwashed. Imagine a guy who has a 750 GB of hard drive space, most of it filled with anime and games. Imagine a guy, who has a room full of anime, movie and game figurines and a bookshelf full of manga.
Well, he hasn't exactly lost interest in all of that (rich fucker even bought himself a PS3 and a Wii), but he's become so obsessed with being "normal" that the words "I'm not a geek" and "I'm normal" are practically a part of his introduction right now. It's even in his resume. He turns down every conversation about anime, games or whatever, unless he's the one bringing it up, which isn't really that rare.

So, /a/, have any of your friends gone "normal" like that?