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so i just sat down and read all of re-take in one sitting, and i have a few questions. spoilers of course.

1. was gendo really killed by a stray round, or the the bitch pull a gun on him like in EoE
2. in the end (but before the epilogue volume) it shows the EoE' ending, plus someone getting out of the water who may be they're daughter/god.
was this the REAL reality, and the epilouge didn't really happen? or is the epilouge the real ending, and the sotry was just going back to show you the EoE so you could see that child get out of the water. and if shinji and asuka actually...fuck, my brain hurts. fuck this. someone explain what the fuck the ending to this really was?
3.i assume the operation asuka had was an abortion? but didn't she loose the baby when the angel got into her, after using it's AT field?