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Wow, I am amazed at how pathetic you fucking losers are. You guys have the most horrible taste in fucking anime, for example, Rozen Maiden. What the fuck? Since when was a fucking anime about dolls cool? I mean, c'mon. First of all, your favorite dolls looks like a disgusting guy, and has a horrible design. Then you have a yellow doll with disgusting grey hair and an ugly dress, who is also an idiot to top it all off. Then you have a 2 inch tall doll who acts like shes 2 years old, her hair style is foul, like her personality. Then you have an annoying ass doll who says desu after every sentence, her dress makes her look like a goddamn tree, and her eye colors are fucked up, its not creative. Then you have a goth doll who looks like an exact copy of Robin from Witch Hunter Robin, both repulsive. I can't even finish this list of all the dolls, I'm going to barf.