/jp/ and newfag summer destroyed /a/.

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When I first came to /a/, I was surprised because almost everyone here was a high-level weeaboo with specialist knowledge in the most obscure of things. Moonspeakers were scarce compared to places like /h/ but they were here. The fans had a sort of adult, sarcastic kind of humour, like a lightweight /b/ but no where near the abrasive nature of posts today.

Three years later, those guys have either gone an hero or lurk, I don't even seen them during nightshift /a/. In their place are newfags, underaged b& and dumbshits who are little more than stupid script kiddies; they really think Rapidsearch, TT and proxies are their tools for free speech and free stuff on the internet. They couldn't translate their way out of a paper bag, let alone create original content that is the fuel for 4chan culture.

Newfag summer accelerated the inevitable dominance of these cancerous posters and /jp/ cut away most of the Japanese subjects that are obscure; the average anon has a good grasp of anime/manga knowledge, but little to none of light novels, visual novels, or other kinds of Japanese entertainment. The people who know about these things don't go to /jp/ because of the faggotry, but they can't talk about it here.

tl;dr - /a/ sucks.