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I, as many people have, stumbled upon Lucky Star quite randomly. I was a bit leery, thinking it would be some annoying chibi show for kids but upon watching, I was delightfully shocked!

The main character, Konata, is SO like I was in high school that after 10 minutes of watching I just had to pause so I could laugh at myself. And all the inside jokes... pure hilarity! The humor ranges from gamer jokes, anime references, and voice actors in unusual (or very usual) situations to fam...ily relationships (as one of 3 sisters I KNOW just what it's like), random conversations with friends, and all the drama of heading off to college.

Funny as the show is, it truly has a heart and a good basis in life. I have actually had many of the events in the anime happen to me, as I'm sure a good few of the other fans have as well. Something as commonplace as forgetting a textbook takes on a new face, and I can't help but remember some of my desperate antics trying to scrape by on test scores.

Beyond that all the little details slipped in make the series all the more interesting and unusual for those who know what to look for... things like the beloved "Anime Director"'s overzealous attempts to squeeze out the next purchase... does that voice sound a bit familiar? Also, and more obviously, there is Konata's fixation on a certain other anime... another casting coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, this is a must-see for anyone who's ever called themselves an otaku (or been accused of it), or for someone looking for a really relaxing and fun show minus the nailbiting for the next installment!