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Things (especially endings) in anime that really pissed you off.
I'll start... Love Hina. Moderately nice guy meets girl who treats him like shit. Said guy falls in love with girl despite her treating him like shit. Girl continues treating him like shit the entire series. It ends with her somewhat acknowledging some vague relationship, yet she still treats him like shit, especially in the aftermath episodes.
Meanwhile, all these other much more interesting, much nicer/considerate girls end up falling for him, yet he pretty much ignores them completely. He would have actually made a pretty good match with the loli (if they didn't want to be too edgy, they could wait till she's legal or something).
Also, they pretty much took any "strong" female leads and turned them into both complete mental wrecks and complete wusses by the end of the series. (except the Indian chick).
I mean, the main character disobeyed any sense of logic whatsoever while the writers proceeded to destroy any decency in characters rather than having them progress into more complete people, yet the viewer is supposed to believe in some happy ending.