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It seems to me that anime these days has very little meaning in it. I mean, it all about money in in in of the day, isn't it. No originality, no actual purpose, no meaning. Just the same old fantasy jerk off. All about appearances and the shallow stuff.

Honestly, I feel kind of disgusted about it and you guys most of the time. I mean, you are the lowest of the low, the absolute losers in the end of the day.

Even too few TV series, movies or books have a real meaning in them these day. It's like the world is slowly dying when it comes to actual quality entertainment. It's definitely decaying and rotting away as we --or rather I-- speak. And what is one to do about it? Nothing, really.

Just think of Meru and Kaere for an example. They have this sweet and precious relationship and yet it's doomed to be ruined in the end. If you look at it realistically there never was any real hope that things could actually get better. The are both individual that are doomed to be the victim of their qualities. There is no way around it, really. It's like someone wrote in on a wall and it's just waiting to happen like some evil spell or something. I guess, I have to call it fate. Fate exist, you know Nothing is random. It's not right or just or virtuous like that. No values exist at all. It's all about this shifting movement in between two opposite polarities. No right, no wrong, but mere movement.