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Hey there, /a/.

Some punk made a thread last night in which he gushed over Macross: DYRL's awesomeness... and the general consensus among posters was that it's pretty badass.

Well, I decided I'd give the movie a try just for shits and giggles... and I am so glad I gave this thing a chance, because it's TERRIBAD. Terribad to the point of complete and utter hilarity. 1984's best comedy, by far. This shit had me in fits of uncontrollable laughter from start to finish.

I mean, the concept is fucking brilliant and all, but Jesus Raptor Christ, I don't think the execution could've been more awful. And it's all because the damn thing was birthed in the 80's, when Philips CD-i Zelda-esque character designs were hip, cheesy orchestral cues were the norm, and writers didn't know the meaning of the word "subtle." If it hadn't been shat out in the 80's, DYRL (and, by extension, the original Macross series) could've been all kinds of awesome (see: Macross Frontier).

Anyway, wow. Two hours well spent. Many laughs were had. Thanks /a/non, for the recommendation.

And if you haven't seen this shitfest yet, check it out ASAP. It's totally deculture.