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/a/, it's time to face facts.

The con thread got me thinking -- you kids give /b/tards no end of shit for being essentially "normalfags" who spout old memes and don't really belong in a pit fight for hardcore nerds like 4chan.

But for all the shit you kids talk about them, from all I have seen of them in real life and on the Internet, they seem to have a LOT more fun and enjoy life a lot more than you kids do. Stupidity of their memes aside, wherever they choose to put on Guy Fawkes masks and yell incoherently about Mudkips, Battletoads, and Longcat, they seem to mostly enjoy each other's company, as well as the silly activities they participate in.

By contrast, from all I have seen, you kids really don't seem to enjoy ANYTHING at all -- including and ESPECIALLY anime and manga. Where /b/ is defined by airheaded silliness and sugar rushes, you kids are defined almost entirely by passive-aggression and cannibalism. Where the average /b/tard would rather go out and be stupid with friends, you kids would rather stay inside, away from the supposedly 'inferior' elements of humanity, and troll each other on the most minor of idiosyncracies until your fingers bleed. The "OMG STOOPID NARUTOFANGOTS & GAIA R RUIN /a/, WHERE IS NIGHTTIME /a/ TO TAKE TEH PAIN AWAY" is merely the icing on a cake of fail long in the baking.

The bottom line is, you kids are no better than pretty much everyone you troll, and in some cases your insular nature makes you worse. At least your average /b/tard has an open mind when it comes to approaching other people in ANY capacity.

I have to wonder, /a/ -- who is the REAL cancer on these boards?

(In before "You, faggot." Here, I'll even do the first sage to get you started.)