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Differences between the novel and the movie, some good, some debatable, some bad.

-Ryougi has more of a personality, rather than TEH REI i expected to see based on the novel, but this might be due to the late chronological order of the first movie and seeing her on screen with facial expressions and hearing the VA say the lines with varying tones.

-They actively show and explain Mikiya being unconcious. This does remove a element of brick shatting that the novel revealed later on, on the other hand constantly switching POVs so the audience isnt ouright told that Mikiya was out cold would have been confusing and removed material for quite a few scenes.

-First fight was really good, although im confused why Ryougi's left hand in the fight scene was obviously fake(you could see the doll joints) while it looked normal previously. That, and she didnt turn on the mystic eyes the first time she stabbed the hand.

-Second fight on rooftop wasnt as good as i thought it would be. The ghosts all did nothing, which is fair enough since they are nothing more than memories at this point, but Fujoh does nothing at all till the end, and unfortunately the first time she uses Suggestion, we dont her her commanding Ryougi to fall, which lessened the impact of the scene. The animation here was also kind of weird, it felt like Ryougi was flying through the air with a bit of slow-mo added in. It just looked kinda weird.