Picture in my mind

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Ok I got this picture stuck in my mind, it's kinda haunting me. I never saw it, yet it is so clear for me to see.
It starts off with a simple stonemade throne. On the throne sits a man, young, maybe 30 years, with black, mid-long hair, that are partly hangin inot his face in strands. he looks somehow tired but yet concentrated. He wears a white toga, which seems to be stayned with occa dirt.
to his feet lies a woman and that's where it gets freaky: she is somehow the ruler over the man althought he sits on the throne. She's beautiful, her breasts are not huge, but acceptable. she wears some sort of long loincloth that is helt by a golden chain. her breasts are covered by a sash. her temples are high and kind of pointy. she got darkblond hair, strongly pulled behind and woven to a braid (i hope thats the right word for it) which ends in a golden fanshaped slide that rests on her belly.
hereyes are somehow stare and fixed to the viewer as if she is observing him and planning. her look is so concentraded it gives me the creeps, yet the picture in my mind has an incredible attractivity.
can anyone help me visualizing this?