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Hey /a/

I know you guys probably don't want me hanging around here but I'm still asian too! In fact many people don't know that Chinese loli's like myself are superior to swagga jacking jap loli's! I'm from China yet I'm just like you, I like video games, play jokes and speak ENGLISH! Find a japanese loli that can speak english. Have you even thought about that? How would you even be able to talk to her huh huh HUH?! She's from Japan too, they are all "classy" and try to act like they are better than everyone. But with me, I don't care about being classy nor care what others think...Plus I have 7 pounds of marijuana in my backpack...I doubt a japanese loli could even roll up a blunt nor understand what Marijuana looks like...So come on /a/, face it..I'm the better choice.