/a/, I have been reborn a new man. MACROSS

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Hi, it's me who asked a few days ago "Why does Macross F have such an emphasis on music?" HA! Hot damn. So I took everyones suggestions, downloaded "Do You Remember Love" ...

MY PANTS FUCKING BLEW OFF. Jeezus, where has this been all my life!? Especially being a big sci-fi/space fan, I can't believe I've missed out on this for so long (liking the old school stuff too). For 1984, I can't believe how damn good it was. I mean I love 80's-90's anime, but I'm sure we can all agree "some" out there age a little more than others ... holy shit, this movie seemed timeless. I can't believe how good the animation was, the sound, the art ... etc.

So I'm not gonna hesitate with checking out Plus, Zero, and even though I already like Frontier, I can really see it becoming a favorite now. When I get the time I'll also probably look into watching the original. Does 7 suck or something ... how are the others?

tl;dr - Macross movie fucking blew my pants off. ITT Macross appreciation.