Do U have aN imaginary friend?

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Well I do. It's Horo.
Everything started a few days ago when I was sleepping and then something was next to me.
So I open my eyes and I loook at the left of my mattress to see whos there and there it was, HORO was there sleeping right next to me… then she woke up and said "hey wat u want, leave alone, dont talk to me because Im extremly pissed off because Lawrence would not buy apples" then I interrupt very sad. "Hey, Horo I know how you fell because I know you a lot but please can you stop talking like that because I know you are not like that", then she replied, "well just turn around and leavve me alone and ple-" then I interrupt, "Hey, you know what fine take the whole bed if you want, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU ARE NOT HORO!" then it was quiet for 5 minutes and then she said "hey, Im sorry… can you come here I dont like to sleep alone, please forgive me. Yes, Im charming and nice and I'm the Horo that loves apples and whistles round the wurld"
"Ok fine." Then I went back to my matress and sleep with my WAIFU, HORO.
Then when I was about to sleep she gave me a big punch "I miss everyone, I hope that Lawrence and the others are ok, but for now Im gonna stay ad live with you until you buy me some honey pickled peaches, is that ok?" Horo said. Then I make a gesture with my head saying YES.
Then we went back to sleep punching each other. She wrap me with her tail because my covers were dirty so I have nothing to cover me on nights.
Until today I still live with Horo, noone can see her or hear her so when I waant to talk to her I go outside and talk. She know everything that you guys know about me and now I have a new friend to talk and play. I dont know how this happened but Im really happy!

I know that someone here is the same situation who has a imaginary friend (not a dream).
Share your experiencies here.

Oh and Horo say HI to everyone!