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Sasuke, listen to me. He didn't betray the Leaf Village. No... far from it. He was a hero who died for his country. He carried out his mission knowing full well what was going to happen. Self-sacrifice... because that was his duty. Itachi's defection was a ruse set up by the Anbu Black Ops. It was all a big drama staged by Danzo so they could keep tabs on the Uchiha. And Itachi was the star of the show. They planned it so that they could watch the Uchihas.... and eliminate the threat of the Nine-Tailed Fox at the same time. Only a genius shinobi like Itachi could have earned the Uchiha's trust. Finding out what the Uchiha's true intentions were was to be his final mission. Everything was going according to plan. But then something happened that no one could have predicted. The Uchihas were ready to strike. They were going to attack the Leaf village, and ultimately overthrow the leader of the Fire Country, shattering the balance of power among the five Shinobi nations.